Stroll always & forever

We want you to enjoy the ride with your little one as long as possible. That’s why we offer you a Lifetime Warranty on a selection of our prams. You simply have to register your new Joolz stroller on our website within six months of purchase, and you’re ready to enjoy carefree strolling for a lifetime.





Joolz offers a Lifetime Warranty on the Hub, Day³, Geo² and Aer. To be eligible for the Lifetime Warranty, simply register your Joolz pram below within 6 months of the purchase date.

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2 Year Warranty

If you do not register your Joolz pram within 6 months of purchase, or if your model is not eligible for Lifetime Warranty, you’re still safe! You will automatically receive a 2 year warranty on all Joolz products, starting from the date of purchase. Just make sure you keep your original proof of purchase which shows the purchase date, because without it, your warranty cannot be validated. For convenience, you may still wish to register your Joolz below to keep your serial number and a copy of your receipt safely on digital record.

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