For first-time parents, anticipating a baby’s arrival can feel as intimidating as it is exciting. In making themselves and their homes ready to welcome an infant, parents have several crucial considerations to think of, the primary of which is the health, safety, and comfort of the baby.

This applies to the pram they buy for their little one.

Considering the baby's needs

An essential baby gear used to carry and transport an infant comfortably, safely, and efficiently, selecting a comfortable pram for your baby is very important. 

The ability of a pram to recline is the first factor parents must consider when purchasing one. That’s because newborn babies must lie in a reclined position for their first six months or until they can sit by themselves so that they develop healthy spines and lungs. Buying a newborn-ready pram allows parents to keep newborns in the ideal position while they take them on strolls or bring them to doctor's appointments.

There are also adjustable prams that come with bassinet attachments, where babies can lie flat and cocooned within. For optimal snugness and security, the bassinet attachment must have a 5-point harness. These modular models grow with your family and also provide ample storage for the baby change bag or other items. 

Since baby skin is delicate, a pram must also come with a canopy to shield a newborn from the sun. Ideally, they must be made of fabrics with a UV protection of 50+. These features will come in handy as an infant grows and interacts more with their surroundings.

Considering the parents' concerns

Since a quality pram can be costly, parents must also take into account their budget and needs when buying one for a newborn.

A user-friendly pram should be safe for infants and must also be lightweight enough for parents to push and cart around. For families with cars, the pram should be car-friendly — it must be easy to secure in the car seat and fit the dimensions of the boot while still leaving space for groceries. For convenient storage, an easy-fold model is practical for families with limited storage space at home.

Another detail to consider is the pram handlebar’s height. It must suit the parents’ heights so the pram would be comfortable for them to manoeuvre. Couples with considerable height differences can look for prams with adjustable handlebars.

With a complete checklist of the features they need, parents will be better equipped when comparing models and prices to find the best pram for their newborn.