One of the most popular styles of prams right now is the single to double convertible pram. These convertible double prams are often purchased as a single pram, with the option to add on a second seat later on. Another benefit is they can also be a more compact double pram compared to other styles.

Choosing an expandable double pram means you can find the best pram for your family with your first baby knowing that when (or if) you have another little one in the near future you’re not going to have to go out and buy a whole new double pram.

How to Choose The Best Convertible Double Pram

So whether you’re wanting a future proof pram that grows with your family, or you’re planning to purchase a double pram now with the option to convert from single to double with ease, convertible double prams can be a great option for many families. 

Below are some of the features to consider when choosing the best convertible double pram for your family. 

Love your convertible double pram as a single pram

best convertible double pram joolz geo3 duo compact double pram

The most important thing if you’re choosing a convertible pram for your first baby is making sure you LOVE it as a single pram. We can plan but we can’t predict the future so you want to know that even if you don’t ever add on that second seat that you have still chosen the best pram for you and your family.

Some of the key features of the Joolz Geo3 include:

  • Reversible seat so your little one can face you and the world
  • Breathable mesh through the seat and cot fabric
  • Extendable canopy for weather protection
  • Easy one hand seat recline
  • Extra large shopping basket 
  • Adjustable telescopic handlebar
  • All terrain wheels and suspension
  • Extended Warranty period (especially important if you want your pram to grow with your family!)

How does it convert to double pram?

When converting a pram from single to double there are essentially three options for where the second seat can be fitted onto the pram. 

Second Seat on the Side

There are only a handful of options in the market that offer the option to add on a second seat on the side. Typically these side by side double prams have the option to remove/seat fabric and replace with some kind of extra shopping basket. They might also expand out to the side when adding on the second seat.

Pros: Side by side double prams weight distribution typically has both children positioned over the rear wheels making the double pram easier to manoeuvre.

Considerations: The seats are often narrower than the seats on a regular single pram while the pram itself is wider.

Second Seat on the Front

best convertible double pram city select 2 geo 3 comparison

This is a very popular style of convertible double pram with the second seat being added to the front and the main seat, like the city select 2, either remaining where it is on the frame or being elevated back towards the parent with upper adapters for extra space.

Pros: Often more configuration options and “cinema style” seating so both children can see forward. 

Considerations: Longer prams with the second child positioned over the front wheels can make the steering feel heavier.  

Second Seat at the Back

best convertible double pram joolz geo3 duo compact double pram

Adding the second seat at the back and positioning lower down over the rear wheels means when in duo mode you will have a much more compact double pram. 

Pros: More compatible double pram with optimal weight distribution for manoeuvrability. 

Considerations: Less space for storage and less visibility from the lower seat position. 

What double configurations will you need

Not all convertible double prams offer all configuration and seating options. Also different double prams may not be easily customised so you only have to buy what you actually need.

best convertible double pram joolz geo3 configurations

The Joolz Geo3 allows you to add on only what you plan to actually use with your pram based on your family and your unique needs.

If you have twins or two babies close together then of course you will want to buy a complete Joolz Geo3 Duo or Twin package, with an extra cot, extra seat, two bumper bars, two sun hoods and both upper adapters and lower adapters

But if you have a bigger gap between your children and you might not use your Joolz Geo3 as a double pram very often or for very long you can add on as little as just the lower seat adapters and attach the cot and seat that comes with the mono to the frame (without the second sun hood)

It's completely up to you and you can purchase as much or as little as you need for your family! 

Learn more about the Joolz Geo3

Ultimately, the best convertible double pram is the one that meets your needs. 

If you need any support choosing the best pram for your family feel free to reach out to our team and we'd love to assist you! 

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