Joolz supports all parents. Including mother nature. That’s why we have our own green way of doing things.

Did you know that for every Joolz stroller sold in Australia and across the world, we plant a tree for your baby in the Joolz Birth Forest? A gift for parents, for babies and to our planet.

So while your baby is flourishing into an amazing little human being, a tree is growing in one of our beautiful birth forests at the same time. Together we can build a healthier and greener planet!

This year has been a tree-mendous journey for all of us and in December we planted another round of trees taking the total number of trees planted to 281,000 in Colombia, Madagascar, Kenya, Nepal, France, Thailand and Burkina Faso, which equals 413 football fields! How cool is that?

We want to thank the next generation parents & kids for their contribution, because every child deserves to grow and flourish in a healthy world. These heroes don’t only produce oxygen for us to breathe, they also absorb harmful carbon emissions and remove them from our atmosphere.
We work with Tree-Nation, a community dedicated to fighting climate change, deforestation and poverty by planting trees. After purchase, parents can register their purchase online using the serial number and your baby’s date of birth. A tree is then planted in the Joolz Birth Forest and an official certificate will be sent out in the post, along with a customizable Joolz Measure Tree, allowing you to track your child’s growth as the tree grows.

Just one small way we are giving back and showing our commitment to a greener planet and our commitment to the next generation.

Click here to learn more about the Joolz Birth Forest.