Joolz parents: Tarryn Krysten

Tarryn Krysten is a Melbourne based model and influencer and recently became a mumma for the first time. She has modelled internationally and some of  Australia leading brands like Mimco and Mecca. Tarryn Shares her insights about how her life has become a different kind of Glamourous.

When did you become a parent?

My hubby and I become parents on the 24th of May 2018. My husband and I were very blessed to be parents to our baby boy Zander. Zander is super adorable, cheeky at times and our greatest achievement yet.

What has been the best thing about having children and being a mum, is it what you expected, any surprises?

Being a mum has created a whole new level and meaning of love for me. From my pregnancy to meeting him for the very first time, the experience was beyond words. Even though my pregnancy and labour presented me with challenges, he certainly was worth every single second. One of the best feelings ever is when Zander sees me and knows that we are connected; that I’m his mumma!

Do you have a favourite park/ secret spot / walk you go on with kids in your Joolz?

Zander and I go for a walk every day! Thanks to our amazing Day2 Joolz pram, Zander and I were able to tackle Melbourne’s weather almost everyday. He was super protected, warm and comfortable, which allowed me to walk to my favourite cafe, catch up with other mums and drinks lots of coffee!

What is your favourite thing about your Joolz?

I absolutely love everything about my Joolz. I love how it has a bassinet component and turns into a stroller for when my baby enters his next stage and age. I love how the pram arms extend, which caters to my height and helps support my back. Lastly, it is so warm during winter and has the vent/mesh components for summer, which gives me the confidence that my baby is safe and happy, which is the most important thing for me.

What has been the biggest challenge since becoming a parent?

Sleep, sleep, sleep; or rather ‘lack of sleep’ – I use to be a night owl. I hardly slept before or during my pregnancy, but I still did photo shoots and I felt ok. As soon as Zander came along, I suddenly needed sleep, and lots of it, however, it was impossible when I was constantly attending and nursing my baby. And let’s not get me started on hormones…

Do you have any advice for first-time parents?

Firstly, congratulations on one of the most amazing life experience ever! You’re amazing; two people in love have just created their unique human being into our world. This right here is beyond special! Secondly, roll with every second, minute and hour. Your baby changes every day and rolling with their next phase is important. You’re always going to be doing an amazing job, so enjoy every moment, even those 4am feeds!

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