Joolz Parents: Siannon Pallister

Australian model represented by Scoop Models, Siannon Pallister, shared her parenthood journey with us. Let’s have a look!


Please give us a few sentences about yourself.

My name is Siannon Pallister, I live in Bondi with my partner Zach and our little boy Navah (who just turned one).

For the majority of my younger years, I worked both domestically and internationally as a Model. Working as a model I had the fortune to travel all around the world to some of the most sought after destinations. It was on one of my trips for work where I meet Zach. For years to come, we travelled together while living throughout Europe, after many years abroad we decided to settle back in Sydney to which we now call Bondi home. Fast forward 3 years and we now own Transpose Fitness a boxing based class and private training business, which is in its final stages of development into a new boxing studio named Undercard.


When did you become a parent? Tell us a little bit about your little Navah.

Navah decided to try and grace us with his present this time last year on his dads b’day, as much as I tried he was born an hr and 7 mins after. He was born at 4.7kg and 60cm long, so you could say he was a very big boy that charted in the 98th percentile. We nicknamed him our little gorilla man, the size and power he developed over the first few months was crazy, people often thought he was months older then he really was because he’s so tall. It’s a strange feeling as a parent because every moment of every day you stare at this little human and think ‘wow I created that, he is a part of me, he is the best parts of me’ every day your love for them grows so much stronger, with each new day/week bringing a new form of connection. At 3 months he was laughing and smiling and interacting with us. He has the most beautiful eyes and an infectious smile he really is our little sunshine. How do you express the insatiable love you feel for your child into words when the feelings are so overwhelming? As I sit here and write this Navah has just turned one. It is truly an amazing and indescribable feeling becoming a parent, it’s like love that cannot be explained but rather needs to be felt.


What have you changed since you became a parent?

I think that from the get-go myself and Zach had a mindset of trying to make sure that Navah slipped into our lifestyle as seamlessly as possible. Once he was a couple of weeks old he would come with us to the movies or to dinner and sometimes a visit to see his dad at the gym. We wanted him to understand and be a part of our world, he was the best versions of ourselves and we would jump at any excuse to simply show him off.

I have away always been health conscious and find myself constantly searching for more information when it comes to health. I think the most obvious change was my demand for information on natural health and nutrition when it came to newborn infants. I have always been a big believer that food is our fuel and food is the ultimate medicine so with this in mind when it came time to introduce Navah to food I sought out all the vegetables from the colours of the rainbow and have looked to slowly develop his palette and broaden it as wide as I can, I want to empower my son by feeding his body with nutrient dense foods so that he can flourish under the fuel of nature.

I’m a believer that change is good and to say the least, the change that has come about through being a new mother has been nothing but positive. There are obviously times when sleep is scarce but you can’t help but forget that fact when he smiles or laughs or calls out ‘mummy’.


What is your favourite thing about your Joolz?

Where to start, we absolutely love our Joolz Geo2, it’s easy to set up, easy to maneuver, the under basket fits everything you need and they look sleek. The Geo2 is the perfect pram for zipping around Bondi, grabbing groceries, going on walks or throwing everything in there for a trip to the beach. Now I just need to add the Joolz Hub to the family for the car and travel 😉


Which one do you consider the best Joolz accessory, why?

Joolz is the queen of accessories. Not sure I can choose just one but at this point in time Navah having just turned one he is one active little boy and is loving his new found skills of being able to stand comfortably and take a couple of steps, because of this sitting in the pram is not his preferred option (he’s a big boy now) so he’s loving the Joolz footboard which he can stand on and ride behind the pram. It’s easy to clip on and off the back of the pram and can be clipped up out of the way if not using it.


Do you have a favourite park / secret spot / walk you go on with bub in your Joolz?

Living in Bondi Beach I really have nature art my doorstep, one of our favourites things to do as a family is the ever iconic bondi to Bronte walk (a detoured version for the pram of course). Navah loves it, as we walk he loves to just look at all of his surroundings and interact with the passersby. The simple stability of the pram allows me to really put some pace into my walk which has helped me immensely to get back into shape and stay active, the ease and comfort of the pram offers no excuses to be lazy.


Which have been the biggest changes in your training routine during and after pregnancy?

I have always lived a very active lifestyle, and that didn’t change when falling pregnant. I was fortunate enough that I was still able to train with minimal sickness from pregnancy. Actually, on the due date prescribed by doctors, I went to icebergs pool and swam 15 laps that morning, later that arvo having still no signs of labour kicking in I went to the south Cooggee stairs and walked up and down them, I repeated his every day till he came 3 days later. Haha now I am not completely crazy, after a few checkups the week before it was suspected that Navah was sitting posterior and had minimal room to maneuver his way back around, it was suggested that swimming would aid in this adjustment and that waking down stairs could also help to engage his head and induce labour naturally.

Post pregnancy I resumed my light morning walks with Navah, so great to get out of the house, go for a walk and sit by the ocean. I resumed Pilates with my good friend Kirstin King of Fluidform Pilates after 4 weeks. Because of the sheer size of Navah, I had what is referred to as a separation. Kirstin is notorious for conducting a regime that is both safe and effective for women who have just given birth, I also love to do my post-natal pram Pilates which Kirsten has created in conjunction with Joolz. With Navah turning one I have added slight modifications to the intensity of exercise I do but always looking to take it slow and listen to my body, which I find is always the most important. I was always keen to get straight back into all my exercise right away but i have found that I am quite happy taking it slow your body has a voice you just have to listen; you shouldn’t feel any pressure to be looking like you did or exercise like you did prior to pregnancy as soon as you push bub out. Take things slow and enjoy the time with your precious little bundle of joy.


Do you have any tips for First-time parents?

Hmm tips and advice haha ok don’t listen to all the scary stories, for some reason people like to tell you all the bad and none of the good. But my advice is simple trust your gut there are no hard and fast rules, no one size fits all no miracle recipe every child is different everyone’s beliefs are different. I think what is important is understanding this and being supportive of all views despite what your personal views may be. In the end, we are all trying to do the best we think for our child we all just choose different routes to the same destination that is unwavering and unconditional love and a happy and healthy child. Enjoy every moment, even the sleepless nights as it goes by way too quickly. It will be the most for filling thing you will ever do.

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