Joolz Parents: Renée Enright – Fashion stylist mother

Gorgeous Renée, Geelong Cats legend Corey Enright’s wife, gave us a special interview. Check it out!


Please give us a few sentences about yourself:

I’m a fashion stylist, editor and I co-host a radio show here in Geelong. I’m a busy mum of three beautiful kids ages 6,3 and nearly 4 months. I’m a coffee addict, astrology lover and a reality tv tragic!
My husband has also referred to me as “crazy plant and crystal lady” 🤷‍♀️
I do have a collection of both around the home ha ha.


Tell us a little bit about your 3 children, Boh, Tex, and, Luna:

Boh age 6 is our sensitive soul, he’s hilarious and kind. He’s cautious, LOVES rules and everything needs to be perfectly in order  (there’s always one in a family ha ha
Tex is our typical second born child, wild and adventurous. He’s very head strong and stubborn but has the kindest most generous heart. He’s such a unique little character and has us in stitches daily. They are both footy mad and unfortunately love WWE a little too much for my liking!
Little Luna is so sweet, since she’s arrived her calm energy has been such a beautiful addition to our family. She seems super chill, not much phases her (yet!)


What has been the best thing about having children and being a mother, is it what you expected, any surprises?

I don’t think anyone can prepare you for parenthood, it’s all consuming. I remember hearing the saying that it’s like watching your heart walk around outside of your own body everyday and I feel like that is such a great way of describing it. I love absolutely everything about being a mum, its such a privilege and blessing. To watch them experience things for the first time, watch them learn and grow, being the centre of their universe and navigating them through life is the absolute best job in the world. The most terrifying job but the best job.


What best part of being a mother of 3? How do your two boys interact with little Luna?

You’ve nailed the question because the best part of having three has been watching the boys interact with Luna. There’s something so precious about sibling love.
We’ve been so pleasantly surprised with the way the boys are with Luna. It makes me want to have ten more ha ha
They adore her and are so sweet and gentle. Her little face lights up whenever she sees them too so it’s very cute.
The novelty hasn’t worn off for the boys just yet, talk to me when she’s crawling and into their stuff!


We know that you participate in many activities, being an editor, radio CoHost, fashion stylist, tell us which one of those activities you enjoy the most and why.

Ooo that’s a tough question! There’s something about each of the roles I am lucky to be in that I enjoy and love!
Being a fashion stylist has given me the chance to meet so many incredible people. I get so much enjoyment meeting men and women from all walks of life who often come to me with low self confidence and a real struggle with personal identity and personal style.
What we wear can have such an impact on the way we FEEL, so I would say my favourite thing is helping people reveal the very best version of themselves and seeing them leave their time with me with their shoulders back and a new found confidence FEELING as good as they look. That’s why I love what I do, I’d say that’s my favourite thing.


Tell us about your routine in a normal day in your life.

Routine? Sorry, what’s that? Ha ha
I’ve found after baby three all routines have gone out the window (for now)
I’m very much baby-led in terms of Luna ‘s sleep and feeding schedule but we work around school drop off and pick up and having a toddler at home means I’m a constant snack maker and activity planner throughout the day.
Every day is different when it comes to my work and I’m really fortunate to be able to do the things I love that work around my role as mumma.

No day is the same but they all involve a lot of feeding, not much sleeping and plenty of noise ha ha


What is your favourite thing about your Day2 Joolz?

I am loving my Joolz Day2, my favourite thing about it is actually how easy it is to open and close. Having multiple kids and being in and out of the car all day it’s been so handy to have such a functional easy pram that takes about a second to fold up and store in my boot. It’s also just as easy when setting it up with my capsule that just clicks in straight from the car.
And hello, it also looks so pretty! Very important! He he


Do you have a favourite park/ secret spot / walk you go on with kids in your Joolz?

We spend a lot of time down in Highton Village in Geelong as we live within walking distance and generally take the Joolz down for a takeaway coffee (for mum) and iced donut (for Tex) before stopping at the park for a play.
We have the skateboard attachment which has been a life saver for me as Tex and his tired legs make for a loooong loud walk home!


What’s the hardest part of being a parent?

I think just navigating through every age and stage, for me probably all the worrying is the hardest thing. My mum once told me to get used to that worrying feeling “because you’ll have it your entire life now you’re a mum”
Ha ha GREAT! Three times over too!


Any tips or advice for parents having their third child?

Yes, make friends with the mess! Embrace the chaos.
The washing and dishes can wait, read that book again, play that game for the 100th time, colour in and be present because it all really is so fleeting.
Also, wine ha ha

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