Joolz Parents : Phoebe Ghorayeb

Phoebe recently walked the first ever pram runway at our Spring showcase event with her beautiful girl Valentina. She sat down and talked us through her parenting journey and why she loves being a mum in Bondi.

Please give us a few sentences about yourselves, what you do.

P: I am originally from the UK but my work as a model bought me out to Australia 8 years ago which is now where I call home. I’ve been married to my husband Georges for almost 4 years and we live in an apartment in North Bondi. As well as modelling I write a food blog, Model Appetite. It centres around my love of food but also delves into my life as a model and includes interviews with the big guns in the food and fashion industry.


When did you become a parent? Tell us a little bit about your bub.

P: We became parents on the 12th February 2018 and it really is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She is at such a fun stage and we are so lucky that she is growing into a very content, bubbly, energetic little lady. She is also a super inquisitive bub and has a killer stare. She once stared down a huge biker dude in a lift who was bald and covered in tattoos. Thankfully he found it hilarious.


What has been the best thing about having children?

P: I’ve really enjoyed the challenges of being a parent. Like simply organising my day around her activities and my appointments, taking a trip to the beach or travelling on an aeroplane. I love the new and exciting adventures, big and small, that Valentina has brought into our lives.


What is your favourite thing about your Joolz?

P: Aside from being an epic pram and what I believe it the sexiest looking one on the market, I absolutely love all the accessories that essentially enable you to custom make a pram that suits your lifestyle. For me, the side pack has been perfect for carrying our Bondi market groceries and the comfort cover has been our saviour on the sunnier days.


What has changed since you became a parent?

P: Not a lot really. We have been extremely lucky that Valentina has been such a chill baby and has slotted into our lives like a little superstar. Georges and I are very simple when it comes to what we enjoy. Walking along the beach, hanging out at Bondi markets, catching up with friends and cooking and relaxing at home. I’m now back at the gym doing mum and bub classes, unless George can babysit, and I’ve been back working as a model since Valentina was 3 months old. However, in saying all of this I do miss a good cinema session and dinner date.


Do you have a favourite park/activity/secret spot/walk you go on with bub in your Joolz?

P: I don’t this place could be any farther from being a secret but Bondi Beach is right on our doorstep and is where I’ve walked Valentina every morning since she was 1 week old.


What has been the biggest challenge since becoming a parent?

P: It has been keeping her entertained. I would get the “mum guilts” if I felt like I wasn’t giving her enough. She’s at an age now where lying in one spot and playing with one toy is not enough to keep her occupied. I struggled for a while trying to think of different things to do with her so I joined Gymbaroo which has been a great tool for giving me ideas.


Do you have any tips for first-time parents?

 P: It’s ok if you don’t enjoy every minute of parenthood as we’re so often told we should. Being a parent can be really hard, boring, exhausting and frustrating and it’s completely fine to allow yourself to feel this way. It’s doesn’t make you a bad parent it makes you an honest human.

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