Joolz Parents: Kyal and Kara

We were first introduced to the renovating duo on the 2013 series of The Block: sky high. Theu have a unique and stylised aesthetic that has seen their popularity grow and gain recognition as some of the top renovators in the country. The two have managed to juggle a growing family with their growing business, they have kindly shared their experiences, and learnings with us.

Please give us a few sentences about yourselves.
Kyal and I are full-time renovators who run a building and construction business, as well as appear on Network Tens ‘The Living Room.’ Most people would know us from our time on ‘The Block’ in 2014. We’re also busy developing online content for the avid renovator on our website at

When did you become a parent? Tell us a little bit about your bub/s.
We have a little boy Ziya who will be two in October and a little girl Vada who is 2 months old. Ziya is a real go-getter – loves riding his scooter, surfing and getting out in the water. Vada is just waking up to the world, and is absolutely adored by her big brother. I’m so interested to see her little personality develop. Ziya’s a bit heavy-handed with his affection – so she’s going to be a tough little one I think.

What has been the best thing about having children?
Watching them grow and develop into little people with personalities is so amazing. Kyal and I look at our two beautiful babes every day and just can’t believe how much joy they bring us.

What is your favourite thing about your Joolz?
It’s the best looking pram I’ve seen! But looks aside, it’s so easy to use – I’ve mastered getting it out of the car and put together with one hand – which has been particularly useful with the two babes.

Do you have a favorite park/ secret spot / walk you go on with bub in your Joolz?
I love the walk from our home at Toowoon Bay – from the beach to the path along the lake at Long Jetty. The sunsets along the lake at the Jetty are picture perfect!

What has been the biggest challenge since becoming a parent?
The work-family juggling act – we love our jobs, but we’re also so aware of how quickly little ones grow up – and we really don’t want to feel as though we’ve missed any of it. Being present is so important to us.

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