Joolz Parents: Brogan Howie Wootton – Travelling with kids

Brogan is a Tassie influencer that recently had her second child. She released her first intimate’s collection, BK Basics, that was picked up by five boutiques within a month of its lacy debut.


Where was your last holiday with your children?

We went up to Byron Bay and Noosa.

Why did you choose that destination?

We seem to end up back there every year. It’s our go-to family holiday spot. We love the warmth and love the beach.

How did you travel with your Joolz?

We packed it up safely in the Joolz travel bag, best decision to bring it along with us. Especially with the Bumprider attachment for Otis. Both kids were sorted which equals two happy parents not having to lug the kids around lol hahaha

What is the favourite thing about your Joolz?

I love the sleek black look of our Joolz, it’s so great with the two boys and extra attachment for Otis. Easy to store away as well.

How do your children go with the transit? Any tips on keeping them occupied?

Otis is fine, he’s happy to sit and draw or eat. Huxley is busy he doesn’t like to sit still.

We just have a bad of goodies to keep them both busy. Sometimes though, you’re going to have those moments where kids will be kids.

What do you love about traveling with your children?

Creating memories and seeing them explore new places. Otis always talks about Noosa and Bryon.

What’s the hardest part?

Hmmmm nothing really. We just make it work, I don’t find anything really hard about travelling with the boys.

Any tips or advice for parents taking their first holiday with their children?

Don’t stress it over think about it. Back plenty of snacks and toys, games to keep them busy. Create memories and enjoy.

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