Joolz Parents : Bec and George Douros

At the ripe age of just 21 Bec and George made their mark on the record-rating season of The Block Sky High and were crowned the season’s favourite couple. They take to design and building seriously and have turned it from a weekend hobby to full-time careers. Bec shares some insights into juggling parenting and a thriving design business.

Please give us a few sentences about yourself.
We are Bec and George, mostly known for our time on the block. We have come along way since then growing our design and building business Nectaar and our family of gorgeous boys Archie and Lenny

When did you become parents, tell us a little bit about your children?
We tried for years with not much luck to become a family, and in October 2015 after years of trying we were finally blessed with Archie and then in Feb 2018 with Lenny

What has been the best thing about having children and being parents, is it what you expected, any surprises?
I never knew I could love something as much as I do my boys. They take priority over everything and they are our drive and purpose in life. Watching them grow and develop is more rewarding than any thing we have ever accomplished. The no sleep is by far the hardest part, but the cuddles sure make up for that.

Do you have a favourite park/ secret spot / walk you go on with kids in your Joolz?
We walk in Williamstown daily, visiting the shops and make our way to the park and the strand by the water.

What is your favourite thing about your Joolz?
It’s so easy to manoeuvre and the ergonomic seats seem to be the perfect fit for our boys. Even using it as a double pram, you can manoeuvre it with one arm.

What has been the biggest challenge since becoming a parent?
No sleep and less freedom. We rarely get time as a couple and can’t just drop everything to go shopping or go see friends. Our lives revolve around sleep and eat times.

Do you have any advice for first-time mums and dads?
There is no right way, only your way and your kids will love you no matter what so don’t waste time second-guessing yourself!

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