Superior quality, stylish and ultra-compact, the Joolz Aer is an innovative pram that is perfect for travelling yet is also sturdy enough for everyday use. Made from sustainable fabrics and designed with safety, comfort and style in mind, it makes life easier for families that are always on the go. One question that is often asked, is can the Aer pram be used for a newborn? Read on to find out the answer.

The Joolz Aer + Cot Is Suitable To Use From Birth 

The innovative Joolz Aer + Cot can be used from birth to toddler and folds down in seconds – even with the cot attached. The Joolz Aer + Cot is surprisingly comfortable and convenient, and makes family life on-the-go incredibly easy!


At around 6 months, when your baby is ready to explore the world, you can switch from cot to seat.

About the Aer Cot

Launched in mid-2021, the additional cot accessory makes the Aer suitable for newborns as it means they can lie completely flat. 

Not only will your baby be super-comfy in the Joolz Aer + Cot, they will also enjoy a flow of fresh air – there is see-through ventilation in the extendable sun hood. The lightweight Joolz Aer + Cot folds into a compact package in seconds, just toss it over your shoulder with the carry strap and off you go! 

Is the Joolz Aer + Cot Easy to Manoeuvre?

Responsive and quick, this lightweight travel stroller is a joy to push. Effortless to steer on flat surfaces, the Joolz Aer also handles rougher terrain with ease. It also fits through narrow spaces and turns well – which is great when navigating busy shops or strolling down city streets.

The Ideal Compact Stroller for Families on the Move

Lightweight, modern and loaded with premium features, the Joolz Aer + Cot is a perfect pram for families who love to get out and about and explore with their little ones in tow. Joolz has created the convenient cot accessory to accommodate a newborn safely and securely. If you are looking for a pram that will go with you everywhere, the Joolz Aer + Cot is the perfect choice. Shop the range online now.