Joolz AER

The ability to take a stroller in the cabin of an aeroplane has become a game changer in recent years. With lightweight materials and innovative compact designs, there are many travel prams and strollers which can be taken on board and stowed conveniently in an overhead compartment. As a world-leading manufacturer of high quality, stylish and comfortable prams, Joolz has carefully crafted the Aer – an ultra-compact, robust stroller perfect for almost any adventure, including overseas holidays and long-haul flights. Here we will look at what makes the Aer one of the best compact travel prams currently in the market.

Air Travel Made Easy

Narrow enough to be pushed down the aeroplane aisles and easy to fold and store in the overhead compartment, this compact stroller is a lifesaver for travelling families.

The folded measurements of the Joolz Aer are 53.5 x 45 x, which is similar to the size of a large briefcase! While this pram has been carefully designed to fit seamlessly into overheard lockers, it is best to double check with your airline before you travel to make sure it will be allowed on board.

Weighing only 6kg, the Joolz Aer is truly one of the most lightweight strollers available. The best thing about the Aer is, that even though it is compact and light, it doesn’t sacrifice on safety, comfort or style – in fact, it is just as sturdy and luxurious as most other premium everyday strollers.  It even comes with a travel pouch to protect your pram while you travel.

The Aer Fits in Even the Smallest Car Boots

Its compact size also makes the Aer brilliant for the car as it takes up such little room. This is perfect for families with smaller hatch-back cars or those who want to maximise every inch of car boot space.

Features That Make the Aer Stand Out

A unique combination of lightweight materials and ergonomic design gives the Aer an edge over other compact strollers.

  • The backrest is longer than most other travel strollers, providing optimal head support, even for taller children.
  • The extra ventilation in the seat and the extended sun hood allow for a fresh breeze of air whilst shading your little one from harsh UV rays.
  • An intuitive reclining system for comfortable naps on the go and an easy to access large shopping basket provides all the space you need for your baby goods, toys and shopping.
  • A simple, one-second and one-hand fold makes travelling, transiting and day trips a breeze.

Choosing a Travel Stroller

Whether you travel by plane, car, train or even bus, a compact and lightweight stroller is an essential travel companion for families with young children. When purchasing a travel pram, it’s important that you don’t just opt for the smallest and lightest stroller – while this may be best for the airport and plane, you will be using this stroller for duration of your holiday, and maybe even once you get home too so invest in a pram that is sturdy, easy to push and steer and above all, a comfortable ride for your little one. Shop the Joolz Aer today.